Embracing the power of positive thinking can help you achieve the unobtainable. Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. The best way to achieve this is to start the day by feeding your brain with positive affirmations in the morning. I’ve been practicing this for the past couple of years now, and trust me when I say that it has helped me grow exponentially as a person, as well as a professional. I’m going to share seven of those positive statements that I dictate to my brain every morning.

I hope that these seven positive affirmations will work as the commandments that will bring a positive change in your life as well.

  1. I’ve never LIVED this day before, and I never will

Nothing can motivate you more to make your day better than the realization that time once lost can never be regained. Every day is a new day, and ruining it because of something negative that happened yesterday is one of the biggest mistakes people are guilty of making. So what if things did not turn out the way you expected them to be yesterday, it does not mean they will not work out today. The probability is fifty-fifty. But if you will let the ghosts of yesterday wander over your brain today, you are definitely going to decrease those chances. Think of each day is a new beginning, a new blessing and a new hope!

  1. Work hard. Work smart. Be sincere.

Success tastes even sweeter when you know you’ve put sincere effort into achieving it. Day-dreaming of success without having the grit to work hard for it is not going to lead you anywhere. Like they say, there is no shortcut for success and there is no replacement for hard work. Hard work paired up with smart work can help you to move mountains. This holds really true in today’s competitive work environment. I’ve seen a number of examples in real life where people are sincere and hardworking, but they are unable to achieve success simply because they invest their talent in the wrong direction. This is the reason why you need to not just work hard, but work smart as well. Remember ‘effort is important but knowing where to put that effort is even more important.’

  1. I can get way more DONE today than I think can

If we train our subconscious mind we can achieve a lot more than we ever thought we could do in a day. The switch that controls our subconscious mind lies within us. A great way to train your mind to get more done is by constantly challenging its limits. For e.g., if you are able to finish a task in 4 hours, try doing the same thing next time and aim to do it in three hours and thirty minutes. This will push your brain and body to the limit, and  you will start getting more done within a matter of days. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

  1. Smile often. Laugh more. Love a lot.

There’s a reason why they say laughter is the best medicine. Even science suggests that smiling and laughing induces mood stimulating hormones. When you smile, it sets up the tone for a wonderful day. In fact, studies even say that faking a smile can actually be a great thing for you. Termed as the “Duchenne smile” in technical terms, – a full smile that involves facial muscles around the eyes, can produce a change in brain activity that corresponds to a happier mood. Hence laughing can make your life stress-free, more productive and happier than ever.

  1. I am the person in-charge of my HAPPINESS

In this world no one knows you better than you. No one is going to be there for you forever – that’s the harsh reality of life. The sooner you accept it, the better! Don’t let your happiness be controlled by someone else. This sounds pretty difficult, considering the fact that we humans are social creatures, but being in control does not mean you should not socialize. Meet people, make friends, talk to them, but don’t let your happiness be controlled by them. As they say, if you want to be happy just be!
P.S. – this is going to be the most difficult habit to inculcate, but once you get used to it, it can prove to be your biggest strength.

  1. No one can ever make me feel I don’t deserve what I want

History shows that people who believed in their ability were the ones that changed the world. The great leaders, the powerful entrepreneurs, world changers, all were given a banter by the society when they first started. But the power to ‘not let anyone ever make them feel they did not deserve what they want’ is why they achieved greatness. This is not to say that they did not have to struggle, face hardship and bear the pain during those times, but it was the constant will to fulfill their dreams and sincere hard work that kept them going. If you think you deserve it, go for it; people will always have something to say until you prove them wrong.

  1. Be LEGEN…. wait for it….DARY!

The best I’ve kept for the last. ‘When I am sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead!’ – just like what Barney says to himself in How I Met Your Mother. That’s the one thing I never forget to tell myself every morning! The power of these words keeps me going. And I literally speak them out loud. Talking to yourself can be the biggest motivation as it sends signals to your brain. When you talk about negative things, it sets the tone for a negative frame of mind. On the other hand, if you yell positive things it makes way for a positive boost in the mood and gets you in the groove! Don’t forget to tell yourself you are simply AWE….wait for it… SOME!

Words are the most powerful weapon, but not everyone knows how to use the power of these words to the right effect. The intricate studies of neurosciences and linguistics are trying hard to find ways to control the power of our subconscious mind. They say what consumes your mind controls your life. So, why not feed your mind something that inspires it to always remain positive. Try to inculcate them as part of your daily routine and trust me, you will see a great positive change in the way things used to be in your life. From personal experience, I can say that by bringing the positive changes mentioned in this post in your attitude will make you a better, and a more intellectual person. This will help you lead a happier life!





Sharon Thomson is a business manager at ProofHub and is a published writer in various technology blogs.

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