Imagine if you were blind – Complete darkness, no colors, no views, no beauty, just pitch black. If you were blind – Ask yourself how badly you would want to see? If pushing yourself to your limits could give you sight, would you do it? If there was a cure would you let anything stand in your way? Would you listen to the haters and the critics to see again?

Choose to be blind!

Do you really want to succeed? – If you do choose to be blind! Would you really care if they mocked you, laughed at you, pointed at you or bad mouthed you. Would you be concerned about your extreme goal or just embrace the extreme work.

What If you would have to learn hurt, trust pain and embrace  struggle, would you still be concerned  being realistic? Would you still figure your odds and calculate your chances?  If you had to spend more time planning your workouts and less time planning your weekends, would it even be a tough choice?

If the cure for blindness was humility and pain, would you go for it? If the cure for blindness was looking foolish, would you risk it? If seeing  again took a fight, would you start swinging? If the cure was doing things you can’t do, would you attempt them?  If a few extra hours, a few more drops of sweat and a little bit more blood was all it took would you claim your sight?

Do you really want to succeed? Then choose to be blind and do whatever it takes to see, because if you don’t then you are just blind anyway.

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  1. Did you write “Choose to be blind” if not who is the author? The first time I saw it was the I’m Possible video but I wasn’t sure if Micah Lancaster wrote it or not.


    Great site by the way, just found it today.

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