An organization requires its incumbents to be the pillars of its growth and progress. For this, either they hire only experienced professionals or they impart training to get the desired skill-set. Training, workshops, seminars, etc. are believed to be the conventional ways of reaching to the learners for spreading knowledge and awareness about the demands of the organization. But, all these prove to be quite a costly affair in terms of time as well as money involved.

Thankfully,e-learning has come up as a promising tool for the talent pool managers who want to get the task of training the employees done without creating lot of buzz in the working environment.

Listed here are some of the benefits that the concept of e-Learning is offering to the training programs:

How e-Learning is Beneficial in Managing Talent Pool

Learn while you work:

The employee needs nothing more than a headset and an internet-connected desktop/laptop to become the part of learning program online. So, e-Learning gives employees an opportunity to transport themselves into an engaging environment which is more conducive to learning without placing themselves in an entirely new set of elements to deal with.

Convenience to register for webinars, to become a part of interactive forum, or engaging in sample small tasks prove to be quite helpful to the employees who are determined to acquire a smarter skill-set without disrupting their normal work routine.

Better learning experience:

The face of e-learning is improving for good to better with the introduction of more engaging content in online tutorials. Long texts have found the replacement in the form of mind-provoking images, highly engaging video tutorials, step-by-step guides in the form of short films are some of the improvements that are drawing more and more learners towards e-learning programs. So, if the training program is made with a correct mix of videos, surveys, images, and infographics, there are higher chances of it becoming a success among the employees open to learning.

Cost-effective way of learning:

If the training program designed for online modes is able to deliver the desired results, it does not require many changes for a considerable time-period. There is no need to hire expensive trainers and coaching experts to deliver the speeches, which again come with added baggage of hiring an auditorium and keeping all the essential things in place there. The training in real work environment allows the workers to make use of resources, given to them for doing their job, in acquiring of skill-set too. Thus, the optimal use of resources also comes along with convenience when your training program chooses to adopt the guise of e-learning module.

Easy way of testing the acquired skills:

The scope of e-learning is not restricted to offering online tutorials only. Now a days, the presence of a live mentor offers the classroom feel to the e-learner. He can get his doubts cleared on a real-time basis and learn betters ways too, without leaving any room for confusion. In addition to this, the learners get to appear in the tests online and win certificates also, in real fast mode. Thus, by the time you have finished the online course, you are already a certified professional having due credits in the kitty.

E-Learning And Scientific Approaches

The onus of making e-learning believable lies on the shoulders of online tutorial developer. If he thinks that simply giving a voice over to a text is enough, then this is surely going to be a waste of resource. Making use of scientific ways of teaching is essential to ensure that the message is perceived in the correct tone as desired. So, what goes behind choosing a specific tool for delivering the learning material online, lets’ find out.


A learner is able to grasp the concepts rather brilliantly if he is given easily associable examples. This is the one of the most used fundamentals of education psychology. So, when you connect any concept with phrases ‘it is just like learning how to play tennis’, the idea is going to stay in the mind of the learner for a longer time. Scientists have carried out a number of psychological studies in the past to confirm the power of association in making learning an easy process.


E-learning providers can make use of motivation tools to make their program a success. Many designers give quizzes, small tasks and comprehension tasks to the learners during the training. It helps in assessing the knowledge level spot on; good grades motivate the learners to do better too.

Learning Environment:

When you are surrounded by the props that allow you to implement what you have learned just on the spot, you are likely to appreciate the magnanimity of knowledge and its related virtues. So, e-learning modules that are easy to take in an office environment not only offer better knowledge set, but also helps to connect better with the teachings.


When you design programs, it is necessary to be very vocal about the number of participants. It is quite common notion that people tend to get attracted towards crowds. So, if you tell clearly as well as transparently about the reach of your program and also about its popularity among the followers, you are likely to find the trainees take more interest as well as participation.

E-learning is definitely an effective way of managing the talent pool in an organization. The use of focused, scientific as well as engaging approach can make the e-lessons quite yielding in terms of better knowledge acquisition as well as absorption.


Trainers in organization are in constant search of resources that can help them reach maximum learners in the least possible cost as well as efforts. E-learning is an emerging tool for organizational training and designing the e-learning modules is largely based on scientific approaches. Read more to find about them in detail.


Olivia James is an instructional designer by profession. When she is not designing the tutorials, she provides Assignment Help to the students who are attracted towards e-learning. Her expertise lies in designing online tutorials, videos and discussion forums.

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