Everyone who uses internet is well-aware of the power of social media marketing that has become one of the most effective business strategies throughout the world. Having a business page on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is considered to be extremely important to ensure smooth development and promotion of businesses. Though there are hundreds of popular and powerful networks, Facebook is exceptionally significant because it serves as an online global village having millions of users from all around the world.

Why Some FB Users Are More Successful?  

Facebook allows creation of free accounts, pages and groups which are certainly being utilized by the business community for promotional activities. But did you ever wonder why some users experience a remarkable rise in their fan-following while others do not? If you didn’t, you must think about it now because when you wish to be successful on social media, you must learn the secret to manage accounts, pages and groups effectively and the tactics to grab more traffic which will be resulted into more engagements. Below you can discover top 5 powerful ways to engage huge number of fans and followers on Facebook:

5 Powerful Ways to Engage Huge Number of Fans on Facebook

1: Make Your Content Attractive

The text of your post and the presentation style are the actual features that capture reader’s attention. Therefore, the more attractive post you have the greater attention you can have. Check out these simple tips:

  • You can include pretty images in your posts, change fonts and use emoticons.
  • You can also try posting different types of text each time. For example, one day, you can post a simple greeting for your users, while the other day, you can have a feedback by asking customers opinion.
  • Some other posts may be structured as conventional “fill-in-the-blank”. Analyses have shown that such posts tend to get more likes and comments where users are given the space to reply!

2: Be Innovative – Use Hashtags

Using #Hashtags in your post can surely result into a marked increase in users’ engagement on your posts because hashtags gather all relevant information and the chances of views are greatly increase because in this way, your posts can also be viewed by those who are not directly connection to you. This particular feature will allow you to reach more online users, consequently, more fans, followers and potential costumers, just make sure to not use more than 2-3 #hashtags.

3: Find Out the Best Times to Post

No jokes! If you succeed in finding out the actual days and timings on which your link experiences the maximum traffic, even a single post can become much more engaging than numerous posts at different times. You must know the following facts:

  • Statistics have shown that the best days to catch users are Wednesdays and Sundays. Of course, it doesn’t mean you are advised to skip rest of the week but try focusing on these two days specifically.
  • Regard to the timings, your users will be happy to comment on your posts when they are a bit relaxed; so try posting on timings except the conventional working hours (8.a.m. to 6 p.m.) to engage with your fans.

4: No. of Daily/Weekly Posts

The number of postings that you make per day (consequently per week) also plays a key role in catching users. As per analytical findings, lesser posts per day tend to engage more users. People don’t like an overloaded newsfeed from the same brand; that’s why more posts can actually distract viewers. Posting well-structures content 1 or 2 times a day, in the peak hours will increase users’ engagements on your page markedly!

5: Be Active in Responding

Even if you implement all four steps mentioned above, you might still lose benefits if you yourself are inactive on replying to your viewers. Try to stay connected to your official FB accounts, pages and groups and respond to each query or feedback in timely manner. If you can stay active, you can motivate your fans and followers to stay active or else, you are not supposed to expect wonderful response from them on your posts.

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Kaitlin Patrick is an avid Content Writer and fast learner; currently she is working for ENOSITE Inc. which is serving make your own website to small business and entrepreneur. She has also managing her accounts on popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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