Being financially independent since the age of 27, I have always lived by certain principles and even to this day, they still hold true and have always been part of my business DNA. Today’s business world require persistency and innovation – not necessarily something new, but definitely improvement in what is already out there. Finding such ways can be wearing nevertheless; we have to keep ourselves motivated.

Feeling unmotivated? Won’t be after reading these quotes.

With 1000’s of quotes and sayings out there by great people, here are my top 10 favorite motivational quotes of all time and why I believe they should be yours too.

feeling unmotivated inspirational quotes

  1. Henry Ford said it best and it has been a living principle for me to this day. I believe that whatever the mind sets out and deems to be possible, it will achieve. I have proved this on several occasions myself and I am sure many of today’s greatest entrepreneurs would agree too.

napoleon hill inspirational achievement quote

  1. Too often do we lose ourselves into this need for immediate or big results. We often forget that even some of today’s largest companies, most profitable businesses, and most innovative platforms; started with a small idea and baby steps. While some companies might have grown faster than others, the fact is that every one of them started small. Don’t be afraid of being small; be afraid of missing your opportunity to enjoy it.

opportunity hard work inspirational quote

  1. One of the most amazing opportunities in my life was to become a telemarketer at 14. Though this may seem like the furthest thing away from being successful, it was the foundational structure of learning sales skills I needed at such a young age. It allowed me to master the art of cold calling, learn to overcome objections, and become emotionless towards rejection. These three things helped start my path to financial freedom by 27.

entrepreneurship inspirational quote about feeling unmotivated

  1. When I was a Vice President for a major Fortune 500 bank, I enjoyed a lavish salary, benefits, and the freedom to do what and how I pleased. I didn’t realize until after I had transitioned to entrepreneurship years later, that when we work for ourselves we are doing so much more than attempting to build an income. We work to make residual value in our projects and ourselves. This is no different than the 401K you may invest in today, except that there is no cash value. Instead there is a much larger exit value; the only thing is that it simply isn’t guaranteed.

self education motivational quote

  1. I never had an opportunity to finish college and truth be told I didn’t really like it. Although formal education can have its fair share of value, it certainly will never trump the importance of experience and self-education. Both of those are free and can be leveraged each and every day we live regardless of how much money we have. The real problem is that we often neglect self-education because it’s free and we are not forced to take it in.

success inspirational quote by bo bennet

  1. Before I was successful, I always believed that the monetary gain of success was the ultimate goal. Little did I know that success doesn’t come from the money we earn, but rather what we become trying to earn it. Our values, mind, perspective, and enhanced awareness are the ultimate prizes of being successful and not just the amount of zeros behind your bank account balance.

  1. Wayne Gretzky said it best and while it applies in hockey, it also applies in life and business. Failure is guaranteed if you do not attempt to reach success. I’ve always known in the back of my head that failure was a possibility no matter what I did. I’ve also known that success would be as well if I tried. I permanently believe that I would rather fight until the very end, rather than sit there defeated.

rich and poor investment time quote quote

  1. That is very true but misleading if interpreted wrong. The rich invest in creating more time, which eventually leads to creating more money; while the poor only work or invest for the return they receive. This simply states an important rule of being successful often missed by most. Invest in the long term, invest in people, and invest in opportunities that have yet to manifest themselves, instead of seeking an immediate return. Easy said than done and hard to execute, but very possible – so you better start practicing. See also this inspirational video that will greatly help you to stop killing time.

bussiness inspirational life quote

  1. Competing with others is useless if you ask me since our circumstances, fears, limitations, and skills are all different. The most powerful and important competitors we face are ourselves. I have spent every day of my life solely challenging myself to be a better version of what I was yesterday, instead of looking at other people and their accomplishments. Do the same and you will discover next year that you will be 365 times better than you are today.

feeling unmotivated fail inspirational quote by thomas edison

  1. Failure is only relevant and true if you give up on your belief. An attempt to succeed met with opposition is simply an opportunity for you to prove your tenacity and ability to overcome it. Trying 100,000 times and creating something successful, even though it may not resemble your original idea, is still part of the growing process and path to success. It is only when you chose to believe you no longer are capable that you have given in to true failure.

So do you have any quotes to add? What are your go to quotes when you feel unmotivated? Please share them with us in the comments below.


Pejman Ghadimi is the author of the Third Circle Theory, a powerful book that explains how some of today's top visionaries are made. He has brought Secret Entourage & Secret Academy to life, a unique platform which focuses on helping motivate, educate, and improve the lives of young entrepreneurs worldwide.


  1. These are all some great quotes, but the one that sticks out to me the most is people usually miss oppurtunities because they are dressed in overalls and look like hard work. One thing I have learned about becoming successful is that you have to the work that nobody wants to do if you want to reach massive success. People who have obtained the level of success that many people can only dream of, work harder than anyone else.

    • Yes, that one really sticks our, and the quite is pretty much true. And I totally agree with you that you have to do the work that nobody wants to do.

  2. Nice collection of post. I like #3 quote, “become emotionless towards rejection” is something I have difficult dealing with. It is something that sticks with me for awhile. What do you tell yourself to not think about it or what kind of mindstate do you need to have to become emotionless?

  3. Fantabulous collections and such words energizes oneself. I love reading such quotes and keep sharing them. look forward forward for more….

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