Most of us want to get in shape, yet most of us can’t stick to our exercise routine for more than a month? You might ask yourself, why most of us end up quitting?

Because we don’t enjoy it?

This sounds obvious, but it’s probably the number one reason guys don’t stick with their gym routine — they pick something they hate doing. Maybe you read about how great Crossfit is for getting into shape. Or perhaps you were impressed with the idea of putting on 30 pounds of muscle by lifting heavy this year. Still, the best exercise routine isn’t going to do any good if it doesn’t inspire you to stick with it.

Get Up And Go To The Gym – Workout Motivation

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a case of “take your medicine.” There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy or even look forward to exercising. Think about when you were a kid: You got tons of exercise, but you didn’t think of it as a requirement. You would just exercise without thinking about it. It was play. So whether it’s jogging, racquetball, Krav Maga, hiking, baseball or even lifting weights, find an activity you like. Maybe it’s not something that you do at the gym. All the better — that’s money saved!

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