Recently I’ve found out that I am a lot happier then most people. While trying to figure out why, I’ve decided to create a list and I think that the key to why I am a lot happier is because I have positive attitude towards life.

Keys to Positive Attitude

Listen to some good music

Music is a cure to the soul. Who doesn’t like to listen to his favorite music. So simple activity yet so important!


Fuel your Imagination  

Stop watching so much tv, reading books is way better it with fuel your imagination, because you will be the one creating the characters. Try to work on your imagination, try to find the magic even  in the ordinary day. I am pretty sure most of you when you look the clouds, you try to compare them with some objects or animals!

Have a Goal

While many of my friends don’t have a goal, I do have a goal and this is one of the biggest differences why I am happier than them. Simply because I have a goal, I know where I want to be in the next few years while they don’t even know and they have no plans. Thus they don’t know what to expect in the next few years, so they are actually drifting aimlessly. Having a goal, and moving towards it, is a key to happiness. You have to realize though that achieving the goal is not what should make you happy – it must be the process. When I write articles I simply do it because I enjoy it, even though sometimes it gets really boring.

Be aware of Negativity

For an intelligent community it’s very easy to tend towards negativty, because criticizing  in such community is seen as a signaling mechanism to indicate that you’re more intelligent than the person you corrected.  And this is quite frustrating. Simply put try to stay away from negativity, try to join positive communities and you will find to be a lot happier.

Make time to be alone

Try to spend 20-30 minutes daily while being alone, understand who you are and what you love.

Being with other people is important to be happy no denying in that. But  on the other hand, spending time just with yourself is almost considered taboo. Take some time to figure out who you are, you really need to enjoy the time when you are alone. As Jean Paul Sartre said – “If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.” So knowing yourself better will definitely help you build up positive attitude.

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Make time to be with your friends and family

Positive attitude has a lot to do with your friends and family as well, we are not all blessed with positive thinking friends and families, but we can change that and I’ve done it myself you see when I became a lot more positive,  the same happened to my family.  So always try to make time for your friends and family, because they are probably the most important people in your life, try to stay in touch even if you are thousand miles away from them a phone call won’t hurt you.

Exercise Daily

This is the best way to improve your immediate happiness. Try and go on a run. You’ll hate yourself while doing it, but the gratification that you get towards the end vastly outweighs the frustration of the first few attempts. I can’t say enough good things about exercise. Exercising is also fantastic because it can provide you with the time you need to be alone!

Try to  improve someone’s day

I find myself really happy when I uplift someone’s mood. Seriously try giving someone a compliment, or even just a simple smile might do it. This way you will make them a lot more happier and make yourself feel better as well.

Take time to do the things you enjoy

That’s very general, because we all have different things we enjoy to do. For example I like playing football, so I try to find time atleast 1 time per month to do what I enjoy – simply put, playing football brings me only happines, no bad emotions! So find out what you enjoy to do – write, sing, swim, play ball, run and take time to do it atleast 1 time per month. Another key to having a positive attitude is –

Find a way to measure your progress, and then measure it

There is a reason why we get so addicted to video games: filling up an experience bar and making it to the next level is immensely satisfying, it’s like you unlock achievements. Wouldn’t be cool if that was applied in real life as well?
So find a way to measure your progress, set up milestones and when you break them you will feel happy!

Try to find something good in everything

Always try to find the good even in bad situtations. This is really important if you want to have positive attitude. For example when you fail at something, think of it as a new opportunity to start again and do it right!

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In the end we don’t live forever – we all die, the thing is how we live our life. For me the choice is simple – I prefer to be happy while I am alive.

So what is your choice? Do you have any methods to add? Do you also believe the key to happiness is positive attitude?


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  1. Fantastic post here, Hristiqn Nikolov!!! It is so very important to build a positive attitude! Thank you for sharing your tips!!

  2. Hristiqn This is a great and informative blog post. I am so happy I found it and I learned a ton.. You hit on so many key points its hard to choose one but when you can see and realize the negative around and get yourself away form it back to being positive it makes a huge difference. Following what you outlined above will help everyone..

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that the key to happiness is a positive attitude. It is very difficult to feel contentment at all if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts. I speak from experience. I applaud you for being a happy person. To some it seems to come naturally, while with others, it is something we have to learn. I envy you. Peace!

  4. Great article Hristiqn. I enjoyed reading it and I am actually a really positive guy and I think you mentioned few of the reasons why I am so positive :D.

  5. absolutely positive atttitude is for success,happiness.ihave to take pain to gain positive attitude

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