The most important life lesson. The most important thing you need to know. The lesson that will make you more human. The lesson that won’t make you rich neither successful but will bring peace in your life.  All of that served in a powerful short story. If more people knew this the world would definitely be a better place, sadly most people don’t know it.

Louis C.K life lesson to his daughter,

This is definitely my shortest article ever. But this short story by Louis C.K was so powerful that I had to write something about it. Even if not much!

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Photo source: Garry Knight


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  1. I love this. *sniff sniff* … Definitely true, and definitely something I know I need to practice more. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is fantastic. Based on the picture flow, it appears to be captures from a movie or video clip. Do you have a link to view that clip, or at least the name of it so we could search for it?

    • Hmmm David,

      I am pretty sure the shots are from a video, but I am not sure that the shots have actually anything to do with the quote. I found that image posted at 9gag Facebook page. I am sorry but I don’t know from what video or movie it is.

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