After I started going to college I’ve been experiencing something really sad, a fact that makes me really mad. Almost 80 % of the students going into college, don’t even know why they are there in the first place and so I decided to ask a few of my colleagues why are they actually there, what’s their goal?

1st answer: Because I was told I need to from my parents. 50 % of the students I asked

2nd answer: Because I can’t get a decent job without having a university degree. 30%

3rd answer:  Because I want to work what I am studying. 10 %

Isn’t that really sad? 80 % of the students, are getting a degree not because they would like to work in that particular area, but just because their parents told them they need a degree or they thought they wouldn’t get a decent job without it (Thank God,  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates “finished” college or they wouldn’t work a “decent” job!).

So today I’ve decided to write about Why You Need to Man Up and Chase Your Dreams.

To Chase Your Dreams or Not?

From my own experience in todays world just 1 out of 10 people actually likes his job. And 1 out of 200 actually works their dream job, no matter what kind of income they make. And that’s freaking bullshit and the biggest reasons this is true is that our educating system actually doesn’t support us to chase their dreams, doesn’t guide us in that direction, it guides us toward one direction and that’s the direction of slavery, study – go to college – find a job – work your whole life  and just die.. I was asked by my teacher when I was still 1st grade – What do you want to become when you grow big? And I said “A billionaire” of course she laughed and said you should choose something realistic and up to this day I still don’t understand her and I hope, I never will, even though I am not a billionaire and still not even close at the moment.

So why am I saying this to you, you see in school they teach you that you can’t argue with the authority, if the teacher says it’s wrong then, it is, and if you try to argue with the authority you get suspended or a bad grade, and if he says you can’t chase your dreams, it means you can’t, if they tell you to give up on your dreams, because they are impossible, you think you should listen to them? Of course not!

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And in the end what school is providing you is not just knowledge.  They actually try to force you to become something you are not. All you need to get from school, university is the knowledge, you don’t need to play by your teachers’ rules. I am not telling you school or university is a bad thing, I am telling you all you need from there is knowledge!

Man Up and Chase Your Dreams

And this is why you need to man up, why you need to start listening to your heart, what’s that one thing you could do for the rest of your life, every day for free, find that thing even if you don’t know it at the moment, FIND YOUR PASSION!
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You don’t need to work a boring job, because some old fat lady told you and made you think so, seriously all you need from school is the knowledge. And if the school has fucked you up, It’s time to change. It’s time to start taking a different approach towards life, it’s time to choose your dreams, not the path that was written for you by your parents or your teachers. You need to create your own unique path and this takes courage, this takes balls and you see most people don’t have the courage and the balls all they have is – EXCUSES.

But for those who have the courage to go out of their comfort zone life has a different meaning. You see I will tell you the truth now, when you start chasing your dreams, you will experience many failures, you will lose faith all the time, maybe you won’t even see results for very long time, you see you won’t be happy all the time, but that’s the real truth. It won’t be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. Even if you die before getting there, at least you tried.

Is it bad to Chase Your Dreams?

Sounds bad? For me it doesn’t, I would always choose to chase my dreams, even if I knew that I would I fail every single, because it’s 10 times better to try and fail than to do something I hate for the rest of my life, because “someone” told me to do so.

Death is not the greatest loss in life; the greatest loss is what dies inside while you’re still alive.

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Like seriously guys, If you do not chase your dreams in your lifetime, when we get to live only once, you have been dead your whole life.

I don’t care how crazy or big your dreams are, they are possible, don’t listen to others except that weak sound in the back of your head saying  – IT’S POSSIBLE. You don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to be the best, you don’t need to be an expert. But you need to have courage to chase your dreams – You see for others your dreams, might be crazy, but does that even matter – You live your own life, don’t make your life boring, just because others think your dream is impossible or crazy..

Be Crazy, Be who you want to be, Be Superman if you want to, but never  be someone who you don’t want  to be, always chase your dreams! Grab life for the balls, and squeeze them in whatever direction you would like you to see yourself going in! You choose your destiny, you know your life is not written, and even if there is such book where your life is written, the pages are blank, and you hold the pen and decide the content!

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CHASE YOUR DREAMS!  You have 1 chance to do so, and it’s up to you how you gonna use it!

For greater Impact!

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  1. Great Title! Because it got me to read this post! But why blame the teachers? Why blame anyone for a fact? When you got enough knowledge to make a decision, by all mean go for it.
    Why would a teacher say that to a grade 1? Maybe not the best thing, but maybe because of life experience and reality. Reading your article and not paying attention to your references but the core message make sense. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs or even Mark Zuckerberg made a knowledge decision before quitting education. All of them got enough knowledge before going after their dreams and didn’t blame anyone. True that a lot of students go to post secondary because of their parents. Have you ever stop and ask why would parents do that to they child? Maybe, just maybe because they have life experience that thought them about the power of knowledge! Have you stop and ask those students, if they knew what was their dream job? I will bet you that more of them don’t know and that is why we have a lot of over 30 years old still living in their parents basement!
    So, all this because of the first part of you article about the famous blaming excuse. Stop blaming and start doing! You want something in life, stop playing the blaming game and go get it because no one else can do that for you.

    • I am not blaming anyone, and you see it’s normal for most of the students to not know what they want in life, because they are never really asked you know? As I mentioned many times you don’t need to abide your parents and teachers rules, just because they weren’t successful doesn’t mean you can’t be as well!

      About Steve Jobs, Bill Gates that’s quite crap they just made a risk when deciding to be entrepreneurs.

      So to conclude this: I am not blaming anyone, I am just saying to people to listen to their heart about what they can’t and what they can achieve in life.

      Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it.

      Wish you all the best!

      • SimonTheChickenReply

        I like how you used superman quotes but for a kind of post Judaic country I’d like to say believing and having faith is key to success especially yours. Before I went to school for Broadcasting Television and Culinary Arts I was in a trade school doing computer work. I fixed computers people brought into the classroom it was cool for a moment but, after a while I just got tired of doing this. It was never really a goal to be a computer tech it was more of an idea. Now when it comes to chasing your dreams truth is nothing in life is going to make you 100% happy, happiness within itself comes from within the person and their outlook on life. Dreams can be boring, mediocre, lazy, happy, etcetera but, if you can find one goal to do while in college that you would want to complete what would it be? Can’t say success because success varies from person to person, it’s not a concrete its abstract like chase your dreams.
        When it comes to the western world and the dream thing sometimes it’s too abstract in the eastern world they teach you something similar but say the only way it will happen is if you do it yourself. Even in the Torah the Jews use it teaches that you must be willing to work hard for what you believe in. In Christianity Jesus said faith without works is dead. So it goes back to the individual who in and of himself or herself to do something they love and work hard at it.
        I done an essay on this in college and the perfect phrase that I remember reading was “Most people today don’t have grit,” or in other words determination. If you are determined to be an actor nothing is going to stop you. Determination is key to accomplishments Jimi Hendrix didn’t become a great guitar player over night neither was Michael Jackson a great dancer over night.
        Your giving the high but, your not giving people what they need to really hear and its be determined. Being a determined actor is kind of dumb though because their are too many young people coming to my state with the dream of making it in Hollywood just to be rejected. Nowadays with tv shows like Americas got talent and, American Idol it shows you the people who go through this mess. It’s not cute it’s cut throat. Plus once you become an actor you must keep looking for new jobs constantly in the entertainment industry for new acting gigs and hold down a second job that pays just the bare minimum to get by and make a living but, what if one day you have a kid you need to take care of? That’s the downside of acting or any dream that makes it seem like you gotta win the lottery. Go to college get a career and do your passion on the side don’t focus on just your passion or else you won’t have the best life because you just wanted to act. Or sing and dance for a living. Somebody needs to say this but not all dreams are roses and lilies. So let’s help people by not telling them about that dead end job and tell them yes you need the dead end job to make some good money but, on your spare time like vacation that should be a time to focus on playing the dream lottery. Your post can make lots of people homeless over night and, your just getting payed from your contributor to post this.
        It’s not fare for me or anyone like me to have to go through this on dreams vs reality when you need both in order to cope in life.

      • SimonTheChickenReply

        You gotta look at it like this from my angle if you were raised watching Disney channel or in a home where they told you chase your dreams you are most likely going to wonder what that dream is. Truth is no such thing as a dream it’s what is your vision in life? And is it something that I can do now? Before Walt opened DisneyLand he was apart of red cross, he was almost going to the military and, stumbled on Disneyland. DisneyLand wasn’t something that magically appeared out of thin air neither was Mickey Mouse Walt had lots and lots of crappy characters that he threw away before coming out with Mickey mouse. Walt himself never even knew he’d be some people are just lucky.

  2. I fully agree with you. I am one of those people who went to school for a combination of the reason’s that you mentioned. Numbers 1 and 2. I fully agree with the fact that if in school you challenge the “rules” you’re considered a bad student and labeled as someone who will be unsuccessful. Society makes it seem like if you don’t have a college or higher level “education” that you cannot be successful. I think school should focus more on teaching people how to be successful and live their dreams instead of focusing on teaching people how to obey and find their “right answers” they make it seem as if there is only one right answer when it’s my belief that living your dream is YOUR right answer and if that’s the case we can all be successful in whatever way we choose. I know I rambled but this is one of those topics I could talk about all day long. Great article bro.

  3. Great article.. I am not old enough to understand what happens if you dont end up doing what you dreamed to do… But its just that, well even I have dreamed a lot andi really want to see it happen. So well thanks to remind me what I want from life and hey I have a blog. Check it out. It also talks about aspirations and life.

  4. Marsean SimsReply

    This really inspired me. ME and my mom have been battling for a little while now about college because she wants me to go and I dont. I’m almost a senior in a couple of months but I have other plans for my life. I’m an aspiring actor, author, dancer, performer, and designer. I know that that sounds like a lot but you have to take it one step at a time and I really have this passion and I believe that I can do it, but I don’t think anyone else believes in me but I want to do this for me and prove everyone wrong. I feel in my heart, deep down truthfully that I will become everything in my wildest dress and it will happen for me in time bit I will be big. Thank you for this article it was just what I needed to hear, now it has made the choice much easier for me, but I do know that I have a long rough road ahead of me and I’m ready for it.

    • Glad that it helped you, Moses. It has helped me as well, everytime I drift away from my path, I always re-read this article, and I get back on track.

  5. Thanks.that was awesome(hope i spell it right).
    I have a question for my goal:how I study days the whole to get a job without getting tired ,i mean for example i study good today but tomorrow i mess up and have no study at all.How I keep this fire inside me,how to fight for my dream without having brakes??
    thanks for your amazing writing

  6. SomeonewhosseekingherfutureReply

    I literally have no words to tell you how motivating it has been. It just took my breath away. If I have to be honest, these days I’ve been kind of lost in my life like I’ve been wondering so many stuff related to my goals and future but this just help me out to be clearer than ever. Now I do can see what I should be doing. It made me open my eyes and realize that I don’t have to put my success aside only because I failed or I’ve been told to be it’s late. No, it’s never too late. Moreover, I wouldn’t like to die knowing that I’ve just fucked up my life that I haven’t been able to fix it. As you said, it’s better dying knowing that I worked my ass off in order to make my success real.
    Even though I don’t know you, I’d like to thank you because with your words you made me to have courage to face the real life and make my dreams come true in spite of failures.

    Keep encouraging people with that bright essence!

  7. When in high school.. I enjoyed it..I was teachers pet.. School best…

    But when got out i wasn’t able to cope with the world…
    I realised how conservative my teachers had been…
    Books marks ranks and 100 percent attendance if crap

    I needed more insight into the world.. How to be presentable how to dress according to times. How to mingle … What it is to be not noticed.. Etc

    • Yeah, education doesn’t equal experience nor knowledge. That’s why according to me the education system is very flawed.

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