So how running can help you succeed in life? I would describe running as the best way to reach your self consciousness, to test your limits. So how is your self consciousness connected to your success? It’s pretty simple your self consciousness plays a big role in your success, as when others say — No, that’s impossible, your consciousness says — Yes , it is. And that’s what makes the breakdown.

Running can help you succeed!


Now why running? Because when you run and you feel tired, you can barely breathe, all your body wants is rest, but you still continue that’s when you overcome your limits, that’s the easiest way I know to learn to overcome self doubt and control your self consciousness.

Almost everybody wants to succeed, it’s not just  you and me. Everybody wants it, but most of the people QUIT when things get hard, so this is where running comes, this is what running will give you, you will overcome that fear of when things get hard.

Let’s say you think you can cross for 20 minutes maximum — I am challenging you to overcome that 20 minutes and run 25 minutes, even though your body, and your mind and everything else in your body would like you to rest, find your limits and then break them.

So when you hear that little voice in your head, and you learn how to defeat that little voice, you will learn how to not quit when things get hard in your life.  So go out run, learn to control your mind and the results will show up in your real life as well!


“The keys to life are running and reading.”
– Will Smith

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