“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.”

Have you ever felt discouraged after being rejected by someone? We’ve all felt that way and that’s normal.. but I promise you, you will feel better after seeing this short comic strip – It will teach you a valuable lesson and hopefully put a smile on your face.

Short Comic Strip – The Tomato Story

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Would you like to see more comic strips in the feature? Also what’s the best way to tell a story? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below, as this will give me valuable feedback about what kind of content you are looking for in the future.


About The Author:  Hey guys, I am the founder of MotivationGrid.com. My goal is to inspire people and help them become better. You can support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel - more than half a million people have already done it!


  1. Motivationgrid… you are doing a great job…
    Either it is a bad day, or the time i feel low… all i need to do is visit your site… Videos, quotes, comic strip are soo effective, so motivating…

    • Wow! Thats amazing, Neha. I am really glad to hear that and positive comments like yours are always making my day brighter.

    • Hey Amy, that’s an awesome strip, I’ve seen in the past though, I have almost seen all the strips from zenpencils, these guys are just amazing! Thanks for sharing it with me though, a little reminder never serves a bad purpose!

  2. great message in this comic . Continue the great work motivation grid

  3. Wonderful story. I love comic strips they are one of the things that relieves stress.

  4. A great comic strip, especially for the unemployed people, like me. I am trying to find a job everyday, and to be honest, it is really upset when you receive a rejection letter in the mail box. Luckly, I was inspired to a brighter future, thanks for this website and your sharing. Many young people in my country – Vietnam love your website and learn English through your quotes, videos. You are doing great and please keep going!!!! Thank you very much

  5. Hey Cris,
    Nice comic strip, truly inspiring and thank you so much.
    all logical, confusing myself if i should not have email anymore hahaha. the patience part is missing yea. logic missing in – can anyone double his earning every single day? Dunno or me is just a bit negative soul trying to see madness in good comic strip.

  6. hey Cris , your website is simply amazing , you are a true inspiration , the videos and quotes presented here have been a valuable help . just wanted to know that if i can i be of any help in your endeavour , i want to be a part of your team

  7. Hi Cris,

    This is an awesome idea. Great presentation, funny, and unique. Looking forward to seeing more!


  8. Hi Cris,
    I absolutely loved your comic strip! I was looking for a comic strip with a moral lesson to show to my students and I fell upon yours by accident. Just awesome!My students really connected with the underlying value of motivation with the help of this great piece of work. Eagerly awaiting more!

    • I am glad that your students enjoyed the comic! I hope that in the future we will be able to create more comics.

  9. Comic strips are so effective, people love visual arts and keep on doing what you have started.

  10. Great way to teach the value of not giving up just because someone says no to young minds and older ones alike. Continue. I believe you have found your passion

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