Almost every second person thinks he has enough time to chase his dreams later on, and what he does at the moment won’t be for long and soon he will start chasing his dreams when some kind of miracle happens. But that’s not true, the time you have to chase your dreams in life is not as much as you think. And you shouldn’t forget that time can’t be bought back, can’t be restored neither slowed, so while you think you have time, you are actually wasting the limited time you have.  Most of you are probably already wondering, why do you think my time is limited – how do you know that.. Actually it’s a proven fact and I would suggest you to watch this video first, as it is explained really well –  Why the time you have is really limited.

The Time You Have Explained with Jelly Beans

I think after watching this video most of you should have already understood my point and I hope that this video has made you think about your situation and that the longer you postpone your dreams the less time you will have to achieve them, and thus less chance of accomplishing them. Everybody should realize this that time doesn’t have a price, so don’t waste it!

Control your time, find what you love and do it as much as you can, because you won’t have a second shot at life, and life is meant to be lived to the fullest – Love, Laugh, Dream Big and Achieve Big!

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  1. very interesting article!
    It’s true that we don’t have a second shot at life! good work

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